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We’ve reached that time of year again – the Black Friday sales. If you’re planning to shop till you drop then why not take some time to make sure you’re prepared!


  1. Preparation – Make a list and a budget and try and stick to it. This may be hard when you see that jumper you’ve been eyeing up drop to half price but letting loose without any idea of what you want to spend could leave you hiding from your bank balance for the next month!
  2. Do some research – Why not look online to see what deals are available. Perhaps you might find something you can order straight away. A lot of retailers start early so using the week leading up to it to look for some bargains may be helpful!
  3. Wear comfortable clothing – Opting for super high heels, a huge bag or chunky clothing which you know you’ll get hot in will most likely leave you wanting to run. Cross body bags, jumpers, jeans and trainers are a perfect combo to ensure maximum shopping comfort!
  4. Have a good breakfast – Have a decent sized breakfast, start early and make sure you have a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Taking breaks may be a good idea as well as even the most experienced shoppers can get exhausted!
  5. Be prepared for emergencies – Bring some extra cash, extra shopping bags and make sure your phone is fully charged!


Now you’re all set to go! We hope you find what you’re looking for and you never know you may be able to tick off a good chunk of that Christmas shopping list!