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So it’s now October which means the cold, long nights will be soon drawing in! For most people, Christmas is still a distant thought but to get you through the next couple of months I’ve written down my favourite ways to make it through to the festive season – winter is coming!


  • Invest in some warm clothes – I’m talking thermal lined leggings and jumpers, big boots and coats with giant furry hoods. We’re known for some very cold winters and I’ve had my fair share of soaking wet socks and frozen fingers whilst trying to de-ice my car in the mornings so this is a big one. I like to buy layering items from Primark which I can replace yearly and invest in a good pair of boots and coat which I know I will get a good year or so out of!


  • This is the best time in my eyes to get really caught up in a good Netflix box set. You know the ones with 6 series and 22 episodes per series?! Yeah, those ones. Get a good blanket, some of your favourite wine and a big bar of chocolate – sounds like the perfect night it!


  • Treat yourself! Buy those luxurious bath products you’ve been looking at or even book a last minute getaway. Whatever makes you feel better on those cold, miserable days is worth it!


  • Make plans. Look ahead to December and start thinking about Christmas parties, outings with friends and family and even New Years Eve. Once you start getting dates in the diary the time will fly and it will be party season before you know it.


  • Why not finally get around to finishing that book you started or even taking up a new hobby? Find some inspiration and then make it your challenge to complete it by Christmas!


Let us know if you’re a Winter person or not and if so, what do you enjoy about it? And if you love Christmas just as much as us then remember to contact us via our website so we can create your perfect Christmas!