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Now we’re in September, a lot of us are starting to think about Christmas present buying, however the thought can be daunting! I’ve created a list taking you month by month of my top 10 tips to keep your stress levels under control!


  • Set a budget – this is the most important one, and starting early will mean you stick to your guidelines and avoid any nasty credit card bills come January. Create an overall budget, break it down into monthly amounts and assign who and what presents you will buy within that month.
  • Make a list of who you are going to buy for and don’t forget to include the small ones! Any possible secret santas, the neighbours who slip your mind until the week before Christmas or even teachers at your children’s school! Then set a budget for each person and write down a couple of ideas. I’d suggest having a ‘back up’ option with a couple of easy presents should you forget anything! Whilst you’re doing this I’d also write down a list for any of your own children – gift ideas, clothes and shoe sizes will be helpful for any family or friends asking.


  • Start shopping – look for sales, compare prices, shop online and sign up for any price alerts!
  • If you are making any homemade gifts then start making them now as it’ll be one less thing to do in December!
  • If you have stockings to do, then start thinking about what you are going to stuff them with and make sure this is tied into your budget!


  • Check you are on budget and tick off the ones you have completed. With only one paycheck until Christmas this is always a good time to see if you have stuck to your budget and stayed on track or if you need to make any adjustments over the next few weeks.
  • Check out the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and try to finish any online shopping as come December you won’t be worrying about anything not arriving on time. I would also buy any Christmas cards and start writing them to ensure you don’t miss the last postal dates for abroad!


  • Finish your present buying – by now you should be on your last month of your list so make the most of the late night shopping evenings and tie up any loose ends. Buy your wrapping paper, labels and decorations so you can allow yourself time to wrap!
  • Wrap up your presents, label them and assign into piles. Write any other Christmas cards you need and send them out and do a final budget and list check!


  • Once we hit January, most people want to avoid the shops like the plague but if you’re savvy, you can pick up some steals in the sales! Look for things like Christmas cards, wrapping paper, Christmas decorations as you then won’t have to worry about these come next Christmas!

Hopefully some of you find this helpful, Christmas seems to get earlier every year and it can tug on the purse strings if we leave it all last minute! If you do have a lot of presents to buy then don’t forget we can help take the hassle out of decorating your home by creating our bespoke decorations, installing and de installing them for you!