Introducing The Christmas Decorators – Berkshire


Ever been so caught up in the magic of Christmas that you end up losing the opportunity to simply sit back and enjoy yourself?

Every business should be built on providing a solution to a problem, and in our case, we love to solve the conundrum of juggling time and tasks as Christmas approaches.

Bringing the magic of Christmas into the various corners of your life is something which requires planning and research, and an understanding of how to optimise space without completely filling it with sparkling colours.

The Team

Our team is built around the core year-round partnership of Dave and Dawn, the owners and driving forces. In the height of the install season however up to 25 seasonal extras (we like to call them our own little ‘elves’), help us make all of your visions and decorating dreams become a reality.

Christmas decorating is something we live and breathe most days, spending our year planning and preparing for the big rush when we get to put all our designs into practice. We opened the Berkshire office, operating under license to the largest nationwide company of its kind ‘The Christmas Decorators’ in 2015. It gave us the freedom and creativity to channel our existing skills into something we actually enjoyed; each taking on our own side of the business to ensure that every interaction was both professional and effective. The result? A healthy list of annual clients who come back to us year after year, showing that the magic of Christmas really does live on.

With both of us coming from office jobs in corporate industries, putting our skills into action meant we not only had the creativity to bring client visions to life but also the know-how to achieve productive communications and land a range of high profile and independent clients. Over time, we have created and built up a solid list of both commercial and private clients, ranging from high-end shopping centres to individual residences, public tourists hotspots, theme parks and even restaurants.

You could say that we are the year-round elves, and yet there is a lot more to it than simply hanging a few festive lights and sprinkling some fake snow.

Why our service is valuable

The Christmas Decorators is an organisation which truly does take the pain out of decorating – not just covering the provision of resources and the manpower required to install everything (and removing it after Christmas), but also coming up with new and innovative designs, ascertaining the best way to make certain visions a reality, and providing returning clients with a whole new set of ideas and features as and when required. We even ensure you are covered in the event of any failures with a fast response, one of the advantages of being a locally-based business.

In a modern world where everything is bigger and brighter, finding new ways to draw audiences and attract customers is difficult – and optimising on the occasions you must play with is key to success.

So, whether you want to wrap your hedges in a seamless row of twinkling fairy lights, erect an entire nativity scene in the centre of your commercial office space, or create the perfect towering Christmas tree intricately decorated and designed from top to toe, we are here to make your vision come true.

And best of all? We really are in the office all year round, planning new designs and finding new ways to bring perfect visions together. We’re just like Santa’s very own elves – only without the pointed hats.

We provide interior and exterior lighting solutions and decorations for a wide range of clients including private residencies, hotels, shopping centres, bars/restaurants, casinos, high streets and key landmarks.

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