Covid-19 Safety Measures

2020 has been the kind of year most of us never imagined we would see in our lifetimes, where our lives were changed immeasurably both at home and in our places of work due to the tiniest of organisms, namely COVID-19.

A new phrase has sprung up along with the events of this year too, ‘the new normal’, and whilst we are eternal optimists so hope and expect that this is not to be our “new normal” way of life, we do recognise that for now, everybody has to do their bit.

Providing a service which often requires us to enter homes and businesses, we recognise we need to do all we can to protect ourselves, our employees, our clients and indeed our clients’ contacts. We fully respect that the pandemic has also spread fear and concern and that there are many views on this emotive subject.

So we are not being complacent in our approach and have registered ourselves as a ‘Good to Go’ business. This body acknowledges that we are following government and industry COVID-19 guidelines.

 Christmas Decorating Services Berkshire and London, Covid Safety Measures

Our processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-consultation meeting questionnaires.
  • Regular checks on employees.
  • Regular briefings with employees to update any existing or new processes.
  • Issuing, monitoring, and replenishing of personal COVID-19 PPE kits.
  • Statements issued to clients’ pre-installation, to provide assurances of checks on our staff.

Christmas 2020 will no doubt be different. We cannot forecast what lies ahead and know that there will likely be many events that will affect our plans, but we want all our clients to rest assured that we are committed to ensuring we bring the usual cheer and sparkle to a much needed and fun festive season.

Stay alert. Stay safe, but be festive! 😊

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